We’re collaborating on local initiatives, convening like-minded organizations and providing support that allows them to further leverage their resources for their programs that benefit youth.

How We Support Our Programs

We Share Knowledge
With 5 years of experience and up-to-date information about national youth development trends, initiatives and evidence-based practices, FYI is well-equipped to offer advice and training to organizations that serve and engage youth.

We Write and Support Grants
FYI has an excellent track record of identifying and securing grant funding for youth-based programs. And we’ve never met a funder that doesn’t appreciate our close attention to detail in the reporting process. Since 2016, we have secured more than $2.1 million dollars in grants from outside the community to benefit local youth efforts.

We Build Capacity
By providing infrastructure support – collaborating on administrative services, sharing office space, serving as a fiscal agent and/or staffing programs with FYI employees – we allow like-minded initiatives to steadily grow focus on their mission-driven programs that benefit youth.

Programs We Support