What are YOU reading?

Post a picture or video of anyone reading anything to Faribault Youth Investment on Facebook! Then look for your picture in our city this summer through Faribault Reads!

Every child loving to read.

HOW can I help my children become readers?

  • Read together everyday
    1. Talk/Sing to Your Children – babies and toddlers need to hear words everyday to prepare them as readers
    2. Use pictures from books to create your own story with children
    3. Fit reading into your family’s schedule and activities (before bed, in the car, at breakfast, in the grocery store, etc.)
    4. Read in your home language – there are many books available in a variety of languages
    5. Talk with your kids about what they are reading – ask questions

WHY is reading important?

  • Success beyond school: We use reading at work, home and in the community as part of our everyday lives. Reading improves/increases…
    1. Memory – remembering information
    2. Concentration – staying focused on a task
    3. Vocabulary – words and their meanings
    4. Critical Thinking – brainstorming and solving problems
    5. Empathy – relating to other people’s feelings and experiences

WHERE can I find additional resources or events around reading?

  • Faribault supports your family: there are many local opportunities to help you become and raise readers! 

Additional reading resources

Why is Faribault Reads important?